World Journal Discusses My Candidacy

worldjournalpic.jpg I was honored to be interviewed by the World Journal, a prominent Chinese newspaper   that serves Chinese readership in the San Francisco Bay Area and in many other major cities in the United States. Mandarin readers can check out the online version here. English translation below.

 Peter Kuo Running For California State Senate District 10 to Defend the American Dream

 Came to America in 9th Grade; Was Bullied in High School; Looking for Common Sense solutions for Economic, Energy and Education: Looking to Become the Key Republican Senator to Overturn the 2/3 Democratic Majority in Sacramento

Current California State Senate District 10 Senator, Ms. Ellen Corbett will be termed out from her current seat at the end of 2014.  Currently, there are four candidates for this election, including Peter Kuo (郭宗政)from Kaohsiung, Taiwan who is an insurance agent with Farmers Insurance Group and also is a business entrepreneur who founded a business consulting firm. 

He said that in this election, he is dissatisfied with existing “big government” and tax policy, is hoping to improve the system, ensuring the American Dream for generations to come. 

Peter Kuo immigrated to America at age 14 after finishing 8th grade at Kaohsiung Dominican Junior High.  Due to the political climate in Taiwan during the 80’s, his parents decided to move to America and opened a small restaurant in Downtown San Jose with Peter’s younger sister.  The first couple of years of high school was rough for Peter Kuo as he was the only Chinese immigrant and was bullied at school because of his limited language abilities.

After graduating from San Jose State with an Aviation degree, he realized the dream of becoming a professional pilot was out of reach, so he decided to look for a job with an airline in ground support.  Although he was offered a position as a baggage handler at $5 per hour, he felt the long drives to SFO were impractical hence he changed direction and found an internship with Enterprise Rent a Car in Sunnyvale.  As a rental car company representative, he was able to explain the benefits of CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) to most customers.  In 1994, after 3 years with Enterprise , he opened his own agency with Farmers Insurance Group in Cupertino and in 2003, started a business consulting firm specialize in branding and marketing.

As a Republican, he realizes there are 40 State Senators in Sacramento and the Democrats have super-majority; he would like to at least turn the tide of the super-majority and bringing balance to Sacramento.

Kuo’s district includes City of Santa Clara, North San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, Union City, San Leandro, Castro valley, Hayward, Cherryland, Fairview, San Lorenzo and Ashland—traditionally a seat held by democrats; Republican registration is less than 20%.  However, he feels strongly being a new “un-politician”, having strong work ethics and leadership skills, and having 40% Asian population in District 10, it is time for voters of District 10 to elect a new candidate who understands the culture and needs of its constituents instead of reelecting career politicians.

He said, Democrat policy tends to favor “big government” like giving out unchecked social benefits and even attempting to get rid of Prop. 13—who can afford these type of tax increases?

Peter admits he is not a wealthy person.  Just like everyone else, he has credit card debts that he is paying slowly.  However, he feels strongly this “American Dream” needs to be preserved for our children and grandchildren. There needs to be opportunity for those who work hard.  Benefits should be given to those who truly need them and encourage entrepreneurs to take a chance and pursue their dreams and lower taxes. He also points out that there are many flaws in Obamacare; many people see their premium increase dramatically and policies canceled which ultimately will increase the tax burden of middle class.   

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