Stop SCA 5

When I immigrated to this country at age 14, no one told me the "American Dream" was impossible because of the color of my skin; on the other hand, no one told me the same dream will be handed to me because of the  color of my skin.  What I was told is that if you work hard and do your best, this country will give you that opportunity and freedom to make your dream come true.  Freedom of upward mobility, accomplishment and the ability to provide for one's family is the ultimate drive that motivates people to work so hard.

With the passing of SCA-5 in California, all of the principles of competition and the drive for excellence have been eliminated.  Requiring the UC and CSU College system to cap the number of students from any given ethnic background based on that ethnicity's overall percentage of the state population is racial discrimination at its finest, and it eliminates the founding principle of our country, work hard and you shall achieve.  How has our California State Senate become so "dumbed down" that they think this is best method of selecting incoming students for our crown jewel, envy of the world--our California UC and CSU Education System?  In addition, how are they going to be able to enforce this policy?

I feel strongly that we need to protect civil liberty of our citizens; however, determining the admission to our higher education should be based on individual merit and academic result; not based on sex, national origin nor race.  SCA 5 completely missed the point of protecting minorities.  It needs to be repealed and never seen again.  Please help elect me to the State Senate and not only will I fight SCA 5 if passed, but I will fight to keep it from ever becoming law in the future, and will assure that the legislature never tries to sneak it by the voters again.


我14岁时就移民美国,从未听说“美国梦”会因肤色而遥不可及,也从未听说“美国梦”会因肤色而唾手可得。我只听说,在这个国家如果你努力奋斗并全力以赴,你就有机会也有自由使自己梦想成真。自由上进, 获得成就, 供养家庭是我们每一个人努力奋斗的终极动力

然 而,随着SCA5在加州参议院的通过,所有的平等竞争的机会都受到限制,所有优秀人才的奋斗动力都倍受打击。SCA5法案要求加州大学(UC)和加州州立 大学(CSU)系统按照加州的各种族的人口比例来限制特定种族的学生人数,这是赤裸裸的种族歧视,它损害了我们国家的建国基石….努力工作则必有所成。我 们加州的参议院怎能如此“自降身价”,认为这是为我们州之瑰宝,傲视全球的UC,CSU高校系统甄选人才的最好的方法?再者,我们的公立教育系统将如何实 施这一政策?SCA5这一糟糕的法案,只会引发更多的诉讼,使我们的教育系统更加不堪重负!

我迫切感到我们必须保护我们公民的自由权利;然 而,决定高校录取应该基于个人的优秀程度和学术水平,而不是基于性别、出生国别、或者种族。SCA5完全不得保护少数族裔之要领。这个法案必须撤销并永不 再提。我恳请大家选择我成为加州参议员。若SCA5通过,我将与之抗争到底,而且我亦将竭力阻止它在将来成为法律,我也将保证立法机关绝无可能再偷偷进行 投票。




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  • commented 2014-03-14 11:17:14 -0700
    Peter, I currently live in Chicago, I have donated, and strongly support you, Peter!
  • commented 2014-03-14 07:55:47 -0700
    Thank you, Peter. No to SCA5!
  • commented 2014-03-11 13:23:49 -0700
    Thanks! We support you!
  • commented 2014-03-06 21:30:25 -0800
    Thank you for doing this! No to SCA5!!
  • commented 2014-03-02 16:16:19 -0800
    I have a dream that one day we use SSN instead of name, gender and race for college admission or any employment opportunities. I have a dream that my tax money used to teach them skills rather than feed them. I have a dream that Asian American’s merits, contributions and achievements are not discounted. I have a dream that we pay equal tax and enjoy equal right. I have a dream that my tax money will not be wasted to feed someone who robber us.

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