Senate Candidate Peter Kuo Joins Bi-Partisan Coalition To Stop The Hidden Gas Tax

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Senate Candidate Peter Kuo Joins Bi-Partisan Coalition To Stop The Hidden Gas Tax
  Senate Candidate Peter Kuo announced today that he has signed on to the bi-partisan effort to oppose the increase in gas taxes behind the backs of taxpayers. Joining thousands of individuals, elected officials, community leaders and organizations Peter Kuo today stands firm against the new tax that will hurt the bottom line of working families and individuals.
"As a small business owner and consumer of transportation services and fuels I realize an increase in our already high fuel tax rate would be harmful to the budgets of families and individuals. Reducing harmful emissions is important, but simply asking struggling families to pay more is not the answer."
The statewide effort to delay, reconsider and rework the increased fuel tax set to go into effect on January 1st is supported by Democrats, Republicans and independents around the state. One piece of legislation proposed by Assemblyman Henry Perea (D-Fresno) was brought forward as a way to address the scheduled tax increase.
"I believe Assemblyman Perea had it right when he proposed AB 69 to delay this scheduled increase in fuel. Dipping into the pocketbooks of those who can least afford it while the economy is still trying to recover is bad public policy and this tax hike hurts our efforts to improve the economy. Asking a worker to pay more money to get to work is irresponsible and wrong."
Studies have shown that lower and middle income families and individuals are impacted the most by higher fuel costs. Californians currently pay 68 cents per gallon in taxes alone, estimates are that the new tax would result in a rise of 16 to 76 a gallon more at the pump. Lower and middle income individuals statistically drive further to get to work each day and would be impacted the most. Peter Kuo stated that he believes taxing those who can least afford it equates to a regressive tax and has based his opposition on that fact. 

You can support Peter Kuo in his race to become the next Senator from District 10 by donating today.  The gas tax issue has proven to be one of our most important issues with Decline to State voters and your financial support can help us deliver our message!

Peter is a small business owner, job creator, husband and father of three. A Taiwanese immigrant, Kuo has lived the American dream and is running so others will have the same opportunities he has had.Peter Kuo is a first time candidate running in California State Senate District 10.

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