SCA 5 Truth Time: For It - Before They Were Against It

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Setting the Record Straight on SCA 5

SCA 5 Truth Time: For It - Before They Were Against It

Recognizing an inaccurate narrative developing, the Kuo for Senate campaign seeks to set the record straight as it relates to SCA 5, and the three Asian-American Senators who were for the legislation, before they were against it.  Here’s a brief timeline of how things really went down:

-SCA 5 is taken up in the California Senate in late January.

-On January 30, 2014, Democratic Senators Leland Yee, Ted Lieu, and Carol Liu all voted in favor of SCA 5 in the Senate.

-After SCA 5 passes in the Senate, the Asian-American community mobilizes and a grassroots effort gets underway to defeat SCA 5.

-Mounting pressure forces Senators Yee, Lieu and Liu to request that the Speaker Perez pull the bill from Assembly consideration.

-Democratic leadership, caving to an unpopular issue “tables” SCA 5.

Make no mistake about it, it was the extraordinary efforts of Asian-American grassroots, a passionate group that ensured the reckless legislation known as "SCA 5" was shelved.  Rallies, protests and Town Hall meetings across the state, combined with a social media prowess resembling that of the Obama campaign, put so much pressure on these three, and those in the Assembly that lawmakers had no choice but to take this action.

Though many in the media have lauded Senators Yee, Lieu and Liu as “heroes,” the truth is Democratic leadership recognized this was a losing issue and would jeopardize many of what they deem “safe seats.”  This was hardly a Democrat vs. Democrat issue.  In fact, SD 10, the district in which Peter Kuo's is currently running for Senate was recently named a "race to watch" by California Republican Leadership despite only 20 percent Republican voter registration.

Combined with the efforts of Asian-American candidates like Mr. Kuo (SD 10), Ling-Ling Chang (AD 55) and Young Kim (AD 65), along with the leadership of Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff, Democrats in Sacramento caved to the political pressure caused by the passing of SCA 5.  For anyone who believes they’ve seen the last of SCA 5, think again.  We fully expect to see this issue raised in 2015 in a non-election year, or even in 2016 when Democratic voter turnout will be at its highest due to the Presidential Election.

Kuo, a Taiwanese immigrant and first time candidate running for California State District 10, says Asian-American voters are paying attention and demanding their elected officials not take them for granted anymore.  “They don’t want SCA 5 and Affirmative Action enabling colleges and universities to pick winners and losers in admissions based on race.  They want a better education system.  They want better teachers, smaller classrooms and a K-12 curriculum that will provide any child who wants to pursue higher education with the tools and talents to enroll and succeed in any college of their choice.”

Peter Kuo is a small business owner, job creator, husband and father of three.  Kuo came to the United States to pursue the American dream and he’s running for elected office to help others do the same.

Scott Carpenter
Communications Director
Peter Kuo for CA State Senate, 2014
District 10

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