SCA 5 is Alive and Well- Just Hiding until after November

Submitted by Jason Scalese, Campaign Manager

Kuo for Senate, 2014


After interviews with and the LA Times today, I found myself reflecting on much of the media coverage in the last 48 hours since the "Shelving, Killing, Removing etc..." of SCA 5.  Peter Kuo was asked the question by the LA Times reporter about continuing to discuss this issue despite it being "dead!"  I was concerned that she thought this was dirty politics, or antics to keep a dead issue, alive.

Is it dead?  Frankly, I think many of the Democrats in Sacramento have answered this question with a resounding "No" over and over the last two days.  Simply put, if the Democrats wanted to "Kill" it, they would have called the vote in the Assembly, and voted this insult to the American Dream... down once and for all.  See the following for examples of why it is clear this bill is "Alive and Well" if not on paper in the legislature now, it is clearly floating around the halls of the Capitol! 

Excerpts from Senator Ed Hernandez (Press Release) Announces Bicameral Commission on SCA 5 and
Equal Opportunity in Higher Education
"Given the scare tactics and misinformation used by certain groups opposed to SCA 5, we felt it was necessary to have a discussion based on facts and take the time to hear from experts on the challenges our public universities and colleges face with regards to diversity, as well as the implications for California’s workforce and our overall competitiveness in a global economy. Although I have met with, and will continue to meet with, individuals and organizations that have concerns regarding SCA 5, these Commission hearings will be yet another opportunity for people to have their voices
"Even though SCA 5 has been moving through the Legislature since early last year, I have agreed to hold the bill until this Commission has completed its work and allow even more time for a robust and constructive debate about how we improve and expand opportunities in California’s higher education system. I look forward to the discussions ahead and the opportunity to work with my colleagues in the Senate and the Assembly, and all Californians, to address the serious inequities in our higher education system."

Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has made his intentions clear in his public statement

“We need a calm and intelligent discussion about what Affirmative Action is and is not. Affirmative Action is not quotas. I am deeply concerned anytime one ethnic group turns on another."

“Our state’s history and the continued challenges we face to improve relations between people are far too important to see a wedge driven between our diverse communities."

I’m a supporter of SCA 5. I look forward to working with Senator Hernandez, my Senate colleagues, and the Assembly in bringing all communities together for a serious and sober examination of Affirmative Action.”

Of course he fails to note that the only group of people turning on another group is the Asian-Americans voters that have "awakened" (As Peter likes to say) to what the Democrats are trying to do.  This is class warfare at its finest, but instead of taxation and wealth sharing, the Democrats want to take from those achieving at a higher level in the education system and give to those who are not.  If you take away merit based admissions, what is the motivation to work hard?

Finally these comments in the Pasadena Star News should be all we need to know that SCA 5 will be back

Senator Leland Yee was quoted as saying this.  "He supports affirmative action but wants a task force and experts to help Asian-Americans understand why Proposition 209 should be unraveled before referring the matter to voters." 

Senator Hernandez was clear about his intentions..."Hernandez said he wants to get more positive information out to the public and to dispel what he calls misinformation about SCA 5."  He goes on to say "The point, he said, is to address concerns opponents have, which might mean amending or even rewriting the proposal.

"Hernandez said public educational institutions will continue to admit highly qualified students, but if GPA, SAT score, extracurricular activities and other determinants are equal, UCs and CSUs should consider admitting underrepresented populations so that higher education institutions would more accurately reflect California’s communities."

Chief Justice John Roberts said, "The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."

As long as Affirmative Action remains a part of the Democratic Party Platform, the threat of legislation like SCA 5 will remain.  The Democrats will try to either bring it back in a non-election year, or perhaps take an even more extreme approach and bring it back in a Presidential Election year in which they can count on Democratic voter turnout in California to be high.  Having a bill in which the voters are essentially motivated to vote based on how their own ethnicity is affected by its legislation is nothing but the Democrats trying to create a race war in California. 

Make no mistake, Hispanics have also been vocal about SCA 5, not appreciative of the condescending approach the Democrats in Sacramento have taken, assuming they do not have the capability to achieve at the same level as any other ethnic group without government assistance.  They are tired of Affirmative Action being used to treat them as some permanent group of "victims" by the Democrats aimed only at turning them in to permanently reliable Democrats.

I'm proud to be working alongside Peter Kuo who has worked the state with Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff who has endorsed his campaign, Huff's wife Mei Mei Ho who has been a leader on SCA 5 statewide, and the Asian-American community to make sure this bill never hits the Capitol floor again.  Folks, there is only one way to do this, we must break the Democratic "Super-majority" in Sacramento to assure that SCA 6, 7, 8 etc... never returns.

Peter came to California to live the "American Dream."  So did my grandparents when they left Italy.  I will not give up this fight, Peter will not give up this fight, and my new friends in the Asian-American grassroots will never give up this fight.  We will not let the Democrats in Sacramento fool anyone in to thinking that SCA 5 is gone forever.  Join Peter Kuo in his fight to win SD 10, support him not because he's the Asian-American candidate in the Asian-American district, or the Republican candidate, but vote for him because of the content of his character. 

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  • commented 2014-04-14 22:31:34 -0700
    “Vote for Republicans” is the one thing that people should have learned from this SCA 5 madness. Voting records clearly show that our politicians are very partisan. By having Republicans in CA Senate and Assembly, we will regain a balanced government.
  • commented 2014-03-23 23:56:17 -0700
    Excellent remarks Nana!
  • commented 2014-03-20 23:56:28 -0700
    Those middle/upper class minorities are no more disadvantaged than your average White/Asian kids. They really don’t need any government assistant. But I guess it is the middle/upper class who can contribute to Ed Hernandez campaign more, so he appeals to them instead of the high school dropouts families.
  • commented 2014-03-20 23:47:18 -0700
    He wants diversity… how about diversity based on different talents, social economic classes, not skin color. The truly disadvantaged minority kids would have already dropped out of high school before college application are even an option for them. It is usually the middle/upper class minorities family & kids, with the resources & know how, who can take advantage of the system.
  • commented 2014-03-20 23:37:19 -0700
    Ed Hernandez is just doing this to show his constituent that he is “fighting for them.” If he really cares about his community, he would advocate better parental oversight on kid’s school works & diligent/discipline/dedication to academic excellence for his community instead of this “let’s blame the White privileged/white folks on our poor grades” & therefore, we need government assistant again. Haven’t Tiger Mom taught him anything. Hard work, not skin color, not anything else, gets you into good colleges.
  • commented 2014-03-20 23:27:34 -0700
    I think the Hispanic & Black Community should be really offended by Ed. Hernandez to assume that they can’t get into college like everyone else & needing extra government sanctioned assistant. Asians immigrants never had any of the “White Privileged” he was talking about & yet are admitted at a higher rate than anyone else, despite having to have a lot higher GPA/SAT score than White kids to just get in. Most of the Asian kids have immigrant parents who can’t speak English, having to work 14 hours at restaurants/supermarkets just to “make it” in America & hoping their kids can have a better education, base on their merit & abilities. It is really shameful Ed. Hernandez is taking all that away from them.

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