Republican Leaders Endorse Peter Kuo for Senate

I'm very humbled to announce that I have received the endorsements of California's top elected Republican Leaders.  As you know, I've been blessed by the support of Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff since early in my campaign.  Last week, Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway and Assembly Republican Leader-Elect Kristin Olsen both endorsed my campaign.  I'm also very proud to have earned the endorsement of a man who has worked hard for years on Asian-American outreach with the GOP, California Republican National Committee member Shawn Steel.  Mr. Steel will be joining us for an event in late August in Fremont.

Additionally, I'm pleased to say that we have earned the endorsements of the following outstanding state legislators in the last week.  Joining previous endorsers Senator Joel Anderson, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove and Assemblyman Brian Jones are Assembly-members Scott Wilk, Marie Waldron, Travis Allen, Dan Logue, Tom Berryhill, Brian Dahle, Rocky Chavez, Frank Bigelow and Jim Patterson.  In the Senate, Jim Nielsen and Stephen Knight are now proud supporters of my campaign.

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