Privacy standards must not be compromised

As an insurance professional, I'm appalled by the violation of personal privacy that has been perpetrated on Californians by Covered California, the state's health exchange (a product of the Affordable Care Act often referred to as Obamacare).  Covered California has distributed personal information of those interested in signing up for its services to insurance agencies across the state.  Covered California appears to have had good intent by helping people complete their health care applications, facilitating a connection to insurance agencies... but at the very least it is absolutely poor procedure and foolish to think that Covered California would not have thought this through realizing the backlash in a time in our history in which privacy issues are more at the forefront than ever before, be it NSA spying on American citizens, or the IRS managing the health care system and the federal government now having access to your medical records.  At the very most, Covered California has shown a willingness to invade Californians privacy and is not concerned that we now live in a country in which privacy has become trivial.  If elected to the California State Senate, I will always advocate for the privacy of our citizens and be sure any legislation passed assures privacy standards are met without compromise.
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