Peter Kuo's Management of Bob Beckel Controversy Demonstrates True Leadership

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Peter Kuo's Management of Bob Beckel Controversy Demonstrates Leadership
MILPITAS, CA - In the wake of the ongoing controversy related to the racially charged comments made by Bob Beckel, co-host of "The Five" on Fox News, Chinese-Americans remain upset and frustrated and have demanded action.

After Beckel's comments were made, State Senate Candidate Peter Kuo released the following statement.  Kuo called for an apology from Beckel and invited him to California to observe the contributions made by the Chinese-American community to the country.  The calls for Beckel's termination or resignation have continued.

Yesterday, Mr. Kuo joined Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff and his wife Mei-Mei in Southern California for a press conference to discuss the controversy.  Mr. Kuo made the following statement reiterating his call for a constructive dialogue to help move the country forward on racial matters.

I was pleased to have joined with Senator Bob Huff and his wife Mei Mei at a press conference in Southern California today (Wednesday) discussing the Bob Beckel, racist Chinese comments controversy. Together, we invited Bob Beckel to CA to view the contributions that Chinese Americans have made to our country and meet with Chinese-American leaders to discuss the effects of his racially charged comments and have a constructive dialogue as to how we can eliminate this type of rhetoric in the future. I hope Mr. Beckel takes this invitation seriously, as we are sincere in our invitation.

Joining the Kuo for Senate team in the past week as a Policy Adviser is Jonathan Madison, a former Republican candidate for Assembly, graduate of Howard University and USF Law Student.  Kuo's leadership on the issue of SCA-5 and now the Beckel issue are considered key reasons for Madison joining the effort to elect Peter Kuo to SD 10.

 Bob Beckel’s racially charged remarks have invoked strong emotion and outrage among immigrants who call America their home.  As an immigrant himself, Peter Kuo understands first hand the angered reaction of millions of immigrants in America.  Bob Beckel’s statements, of course, are not the first of its kind.  Let’s not forget the many racially charged statements by commentators that Latino, African-American, and other minority groups have endured for years. 

Other politicians have understandably called for the resignation of Bob Beckel given his remarks.  But calling for a resignation or termination is easy.  While the idea of Bob Beckel being terminated from Fox News Network may bring a sense of justice or satisfaction to the Chinese-American community in America, the reality is that Beckel losing his job will not end the real fight that we face in America every day – racism.

Had Beckel been fired, or resigned, the media would have highlighted this story for a day, and the next day Beckel will likely just become another commentator who lost his job for making racially charged comments.

Instead, Peter Kuo offered leadership, unlike much of what we see from other politicians who placate their base by calling for quick and easy action.  It was refreshing to see Mr. Kuo whose district includes 40% Asian-Americans, offer an olive branch that would ultimately help move the country forward in a positive direction, as opposed to offering what would amount to nothing more than a band-aid to a very long lasting issue.  This is the kind of leadership, on all issues, that we need in Sacramento.  This is the type of leadership I look for when supporting candidates.

If Beckel is fired, or resigns, there seems to be a feeling that racism might just disappear altogether.  This is simply not true.  I support Peter Kuo's leadership in calling for a constructive dialogue to improve racial relations in America.  I believe this is the type of leadership Dr. King would have sought if he were alive today.

Jonathan Madison

Scott Carpenter
Communications Director
Peter Kuo for CA State Senate, 2014
District 10

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