Our Students Are Not Ready for College- SCA 5 Won't Help

We have spent a great deal of time this campaign talking about SCA 5. The real issue is that high school graduates are simply not ready for college. What difference does it make if we change admissions standards if the students who will be enrolled are not ready? Check out this compelling report from the ACT ( the organization that looks after college readiness) which had a report in 2012 stating that in the percentage of students by ethnicity that are ready to go to college. You can read the Full California report from ACT. The bottom line is we need to do a better job educating our kids in our K-12 system.  Here are the most compelling statistics.

All Students (Tested in English, Reading, Math, Science )
N = 103024
% Ready = 31

Black/African American
N = 5588
% Ready = 8

American Indian/Alaska Native
N = 317
% Ready = 21

N = 30112
% Ready = 47

N = 38170
% Ready = 13

N = 15346
% Ready = 47

Two or More Races
N = 5099
% Ready = 42

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