Minimum Wage Increases- Feel Good Legislation

A couple of week's ago in a campaign strategy meeting, the term "feel good legislation" came up.  Well, the State Senate is at it again... while on the surface it sounds like raising the minimum wage is a great thing, it is just not practical in such a poor economy.  SB 935 is simply "feel good legislation."  Many positions that will be affected by this raise are in the service industry, which means the price of the services or products will have to go up, passing it on to the consumer, who may choose not to buy.  I agree with John  Coupal the head of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association when he says, SB 935 is a “solution in search of a problem.”  We need to stop making poor business/government decisions based on emotion.  Laws like this will further drive businesses out of California as well.  Read the excellent analysis of the bill in the Sacramento Business Journal

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