Kuo Campaign Statement on Negative Campaigning in SD 10 Race

California Voters are facing record unemployment rates, a failing education system with students not prepared for college, and an unprecedented energy and water crisis. Our residents deserve better. They want leaders that are willing to bring all parties to to the table to discuss what can be done to truly make California the Golden State again.  Unfortunately, our opponents have been focused on attacking each other with great vitriol. They talk at the voters, not with the voters. They speak, but aren't willing to listen. They rant, but refuse to compromise when sound solutions are right in front of them. This isn't how a state should be managed and it certainly isn't productive.

Responding to the public attacks... Peter Kuo said...

What good is it doing?  Are we closer to solving our water crisis ? Are we closer to having a non discriminatory education system? Is this bickering providing better healthcare for our senior citizens or creating jobs for the unemployed and underemployed? California deserves better then dirty politics and attack ads. Californians deserves a senator that will take action and fix California's pressing issues and work with all parties to come to bring real change and reform. Combined, my opponents have decades of public service, but few tangible results. Our constituents deserve results, not empty rhetoric and unfulfilled campaign promises.

The Kuo for Senate campaign is focused on running a positive campaign focused on the issues and invites our opponents to do the same.  California's problems won't be solved with petty
 politics, but with real discussion, thoughtful strategies and bold action.  We believe the commercial our campaign has been running on TV illustrates just that.



Kuo for Senate Campaign Commercial


Kuo for Senate "Why I'm running video"



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