We need to motivate job seekers to seek jobs

"I believe the best social program is a job" said President Reagan.  I agree and recent statistics in North Carolina indicate Reagan was spot on.  Currently, the CA state government cites a budget surplus, but continues to fail to mention the huge unfunded liabilities it has as well as the billions in debt it owes to the federal government for unemployment insurance.  Recently, the state of North Carolina ended Federal unemployment benefits beyond the normal state program.  Unemployment dropped nearly 2 percentage points in one year and can be attributed in large part to this decision.  The ultimate effect led to higher wages being offered in the job market as well as people continuing to look for work.  Between the large debt California owes and the great benefit to an unemployment system that promotes job seeking, California could greatly benefit from considering such a plan.  Such ideas are a part of how I hope to put Californians back to work and improve the business environment in the Golden State. -Submitted by Peter Kuo, Candidate CA State Senate D10

Check out the excellent write-up in the Charlotte Observer

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