Former CA GOP Chair Duf Sundheim Endorses Peter Kuo

I'm very pleased to announce the endorsement of a man I respect greatly.  Just yesterday, I learned that former California Republican Party Chair Duf Sundheim has formally endorsed my campaign.  I've had the great pleasure of getting to know Duf through his work with the California Trailblazers and have learned a great deal from him about public policy. I was honored to read his kind words about my candidacy.

Peter Kuo is the perfect example of a quality candidate that fits the district.  That is why I enthusiastically support Peter Kuo for State Senate for District 10.  Peter has turned a reliably Democratic district into a media focal point.  This is because he has a personal story and compassion the voters of his district relate and are drawn to.  They know Peter will fight every day to help all California families achieve their own American Dream. As a former California Republican Party Chair, I can say with confidence that with candidates and elected officials like Peter Kuo, the best days for our party, and more importantly, our state are ahead of us.  Please vote for and do everything you can to help elect Peter Kuo to be our next State Senator from District 10.    

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