Covered California a true "Have/Have not" system

Every day I hear the complaints that our country has become divided in to the "Have and Have not."  Generally, this is used as a talking point by those who support liberal policies like the Affordable Care Act.  Regrettably, this attempt to assure that everyone has inexpensive and efficient healthcare has failed on so many fronts already.  Covered California (the CA health care exchange) has confirmed only 14% of those who have enrolled are not eligible for federal subsidies.  Consequently, it has also been noted that many doctor's have already said they will not accept patients through Covered CA.  Therefore, those who are covered by Covered CA will find their doctors few and far between, truly created a two tier health care system in California.  Just one more example of how the ACA is hypocritical, its attempt to spread wealth has furthered the divide not improved it in medical care among the rich and poor.  Covered California attempted to spin the news that only time will tell. -Submitted by Peter Kuo, Candidate CA State Senate D10

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