Are You Better Off?

In a 1980 debate with then President Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan asked the famous question, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"  Make no mistake, I know many of your have been successful with your careers and businesses, and God willing your families are doing well and your kids are striving.

But is California better off than it was four years ago... ten years ago?  On June 3, a record low percentage of voters turned out to vote statewide.  I just don't get it?  Now this is my first election, although you certainly learn a lot in 8 months.  All I keep hearing is how upset people are?  They are disgusted by the unethical practices in Sacramento.  They are fed up by politicians putting party and special interests first, and their constituents second.  Here in California, in America... we have the opportunity to change that. 

We can jump start our stagnant economy by easing the harsh regulations on our businesses that continue to flee to Texas, Nevada and Arizona.  We can prioritize our education dollars to assure it goes to our students and not to bureaucrats and make sure every student graduates high school ready for college or a great career.  We can prioritize people over fish and solve our water crisis and keep food cost reasonable.  We can say NO to further gas taxes to pay for the High Speed Rail that most Californians no longer want, most never think will be built, and that won't even be that "High Speed" by the time it is or if it is ever done!  Our gas prices are high enough and a new 40 cent gas tax to pay for the HSR will cost average families $2400 extra per year!

I say our beloved state is most certainly not better off... its time to focus on Common Sense Solutions that will save our state.  Dear friend, I don't have every answer, but I'm not afraid to promote a solution to a problem that was not my own solution in the first place.  If it works, let's do it, whether it originated in the Republican or the Democratic caucus.

At midnight today, our first fundraising deadline of the general election will be here.  My team has sent an aggressive goal of $10,000 before the deadline tonight.  If every one of you donated just $10 today, we would meet our goal.  Please consider a $10 donation to help us do just that, or $20, $50, $100 or more to help us crush through that goal and start our next filing period off with a bang.  Please donate  today.  This first filing deadline will be reported far and wide by the media.  Your dollars equal our viability!  On Tuesday, I'll be in Sacramento in meetings with legislators all day.  They are taking my race very seriously, that's because of you.

Thank you to all who showed up at our office Grand Opening.  We had over 100 people visit along with many great local candidates and our GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Neel Kashkari spreading his simple yet important message of "Jobs and Education...that's it!" I also want to thank my team, Jason, Ryan and Claire for putting on a great event despite a chaotic first week in the office.  With the right team, there is no stopping us.  Email Ryan if you are interested in coming in to the office to volunteer.  We will have the office open no less than four days a week right now.

Finally, save the dates for these great events coming up in July.

Friday, July 11- Happy Hour at Taste in Santa Clara 5-7pm
Wednesday, July 16- Gourmet Chinese Dinner at China China in Santa Clara
Saturday, July 19- Private Fundraiser in the Fremont Hills 5-9pm
Wednesday, July 23- I'm throwing my Campaign Manager a birthday party, 7-10pm at California Craft Beers in Fremont

Can't wait to see you all!

Thank you for your continued support!  

Peter Kuo
Candidate for CA State Senate
District 10

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