APAPA Debate/Forum Tweets from East Bay Citizen

We wanted to share with you some great Tweets shared by our friend Steven Tavares at the East Bay Citizen following the APAPA Debate/Forum in Fremont on Wednesday April 9.

Tweets from debate last Wednesday from Steve Tavares of east bay citizen. Read the comments too. Great press for PK. The most impressive part is that Mr. Tavares makes clear in person that he is a "progressive" but has been very drawn to Peter's personal story and the "awakening of the GOP" to candidates like him.

@eastbaycitizen: Hayashi on State Pensions: 'There is no Problem' | http://t.co/362tTHFoFz | #SD10 http://t.co/CKQiQciElZ

@eastbaycitizen: #SD10 Candidates Offer Red Meat to All Parts of the Political Spectrum | http://t.co/362tTHFoFz | #SD10forum http://t.co/RN1c8Hqv1u

@eastbaycitizen: Wieckowski's campaign said the he stayed in Sac to meet with Dem leaders re cmte bill. Notified #SD10forum group of absence about 1pm. #SD10

@eastbaycitizen: Wieckowski was also absent at a #Hayward Democratic club #SD10forum about 3 weeks ago. The last time some #SD10 candidates met.

@eastbaycitizen: #SD10forum was smooth, concise, informative, very respectful. Too bad Wieckowski wasn't there for compare/contrast. #SD10

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