October 30, 2017 – Santa Clara Insurance Agent Peter Kuo formally announced his campaign for Insurance Commissioner of the State of California in the 2018 election.  

“When something is broken, you fix it – you don’t let it get worse and worse, until it no longer works,” Kuo said. “Right now, the insurance industry in California is broken. It is failing to serve everyday, hardworking Californians and their families. Skyrocketing costs have left millions uninsured or underinsured. And currently, Sacramento is turning a blind eye to the situation. I refuse to let that continue, and therefore today, I am proud to announce my campaign for Insurance Commissioner.”

A Farmers Insurance agency owner and energy business consultant, Kuo is focusing on creating a better environment for insurance providers and consumers alike. His platform consists of three main components: 1) Create healthy competition among insurers to keep premiums low and keep Californians insured, 2) Allow insurance agents to design policies that best fit the needs of their consumers, and 3) Decrease the litigiousness of the industry to ensure that both consumers and agents are protected. 

"As both an agent and a consumer myself, I believe I am aptly equipped to contribute to better policy solutions that ensure equality, competition, and safety and security for all," Kuo said.

Kuo is the only Republican in the race for California’s Insurance Commissioner. His opponent, Ricardo Lara, is career politician with no experience in the insurance industry and a proponent of a single-payer universal healthcare system.

“The last thing we need in Sacramento are more career politicians and bureaucrats out-of-touch with the unique needs of this industry and its consumers,” Kuo said. “I am the only candidate in this race with the experience and knowledge base to truly and effectively champion representation for average Californians.”

Kuo moved to the United States from Taiwan at 14 years old in 1982 and attended San Jose State University where he met his wife Vera. He and Vera reside in Santa Clara and have three children.

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