A Temporary Victory on SCA 5- But Beware of the Future!

Your voices and your support of my campaign and of candidates and elected officials across California who have been vocal in opposing SCA 5 have been heard.  Assembly Speaker John Perez has halted the existing effort to overturn Prop. 209 allowing race to be considered in UC and CSU college admission.  Read the full article from the Capitol Alert.

According to the article, after the Senate passed SCA 5 on a party-line vote in the Democratic Super-majority, "Asian-American advocacy groups have been organizing opposition around the state, arguing that affirmative action will help some ethnic groups at the expense of others."  

Equally exciting was the opposition we were seeing from all ethnic groups recognizing that racial discrimination should never be a part of college admissions, and that the "American Dream" was under attack.

Friends, this is a huge battle in a long war, as Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway predicted, this is just a smokescreen to try to avoid losing legislative seats this year by the Democrats.  Conway says in today's San Jose Mercury News, "She urged participants not to relent on their pressure, even if the bill is set aside. "It's like at the grocery store. Once it's on the shelf, it is always for sale."  

We've won a great battle in what will be a long war.  We must not relent, we must keep working to assure there is no SCA 6, 7, 8 etc...  We must elect candidates who will always fight this type of discrimination. 

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