Peter Kuo Joins with 6Beds to Rally Against The RCFE Reform Act of 2014

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Peter Kuo to join 6Beds, Inc. at Rally at the State Capitol to protect California Seniors on Tuesday, August 5

Milpitas, CA: On July 21, 6Beds Inc. announced the organization of a rally at the State Capitol in Sacramento to protest legislation targeting 6 bed Senior Care Homes (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly).  Peter Kuo, Candidate for State Senate in District 10 will proudly unite with 6Beds to rally against this small business and job-killing legislation.

The rally will be held on Tuesday August 5, 2014 from 10AM until 5PM.  The rally will form on the South Side Steps (N Street.)

Said Peter Kuo...
This legislation, passed under the guise of protecting senior citizens, does anything but.  in fact, it makes it virtually impossible for many senior citizens to pay for quality assisted living care as this legislation is expected to make operating small facilities virtually unaffordable, so that seniors will be forced to look only to large, more expensive facilities. 

This type of small business, job killing legislation that helps kill off small competitors so that the large institutions profit, and so that trial lawyers stand to gain from the penalties that will be put in place with this new regulation, is exactly the type of behavior we have seen from the Democrats in Sacramento and my opponent, Assemblyman Bob Wiekowski.  It is a perfect example of the ongoing trend that sees businesses moving out of state on a regular basis.  Seniors do not benefit from this legislation, and even worse, thousands of small businesses are immediately at risk of being rendered inoperable because of the burdensome regulations and fees forced upon them.

Many of these small care facilities are operated by immigrants to the United States, who moved here, just as my family did, in search of the American Dream, opportunity, education and the ability to provide for their family.  This legislation will ruin what many have worked so hard to accomplish. 

As State Senator, I will fight to protect small businesses in California, I will fight to keep options available for our seniors who deserve affordable care, and I will continue to fight to assure every person has the opportunity to achieve his or her own American Dream.

About 6Beds, Inc.

6Beds, Inc. is a grassroots organization of owner/operators of Residential Care Facilities throughout California who came together in order to have a voice in the state legislative process, and to represent the elderly population that they serve. The main objective is to keep RCFEs as an affordable and desirable option for the elderly in California. The 6Beds press release about the rally is below.

6Beds, Inc. has taken a stand that if the majority of the bills forming The RCFE Reform Act of 2014 pass, the result is that it will be extremely difficult for the elderly in California to find affordable care.   This will also place an unnecessary burden on the government as Medicare/Medical patient costs of over $7700 per month per person to the Government, are likely to be passed onto the government.

Residential Care Facilities are smaller, more intimate, home-like residences that provide loving care, supervision, home-cooked meals, and an extended family to their Residents; unlike the more institutionalized larger facilities. Where would you want your loved one, or yourself, to live as he or she ages?

The additional costs of the proposed legislation will burden Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly an additional $11,000 per month per facility, or nearly $2,000 per month, per resident, on average. That cost will have to be passed on to RCFE elderly residents, who are already stretched financially.

The rally on August 5, 2014 will allow 6Beds, Inc. members and other owners of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly to have a voice and to show the elderly in California that they are fighting for their right to choose the delivery of care they desire. This rally will will show the Legislators how these bills will adversely affect the elderly and the current Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly in California as neither group will be able to sustain the burden and great expense that these bills will place on the system if they are passed.  This will result in the loss of thousands of small businesses and thousands of jobs in California, with thousands of California’s elderly forcibly relocated from loving care homes to institutionalized corporate care.

Peter Kuo is a first time candidate running in California State Senate District 10. Peter is a small business owner, job creator, husband and father of three. A Taiwanese immigrant, Kuo has lived the American dream and is running so others will have the same opportunities he has had. 

Scott Carpenter
Communications Director
Peter Kuo for CA State Senate, 2014
District 10

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  • commented 2014-08-06 04:45:46 -0700
    I met Mr. Kuo at the 6Beds, Inc rally today. I am a small 6 bed RCFE operator in Southern California that will be adversely affected by this horrible legislation written to benefit the large 100+ bed facilities and trial attorneys. I found Mr. Kou to be a friend and a very intelligent hard working and honest man. If he were running in my district he’d have my vote!

    Chris Tittle,
    Alliance Elder Care, LLC

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